Monthly Archives: October 2016

Schedule of file correction for SE IT/ Sem III/ OOPM B batch


  1. All students of B batch will report for file correction of OOPM on 2nd November 2016 9.00 to 10.00 only.
  2. Cover page of each experiment will be as per previous format only.
  3. Students have to be prepared to solve, answer questions related with practical in order to get marks for knowledge of practical.
  4. Index of OOPM is same as for other subject, refer it to download, print and attach it with filled condition.
  5. Arrange file as per index only.
  6. If any experiments are not corrected, then same will be done at the time of submission itself.
  7. Defaulters of OOPM subject or overall will also be reporting for file correction, but the submission of same will be in reserved with decision of subject in-charge.

EVS Question bank for IAE 2

  1. What are different indoor pollutants causing health problems?
  2. How carbon credit trade helps developing country like India?
  3. With schematic diagram explain how wind energy is accumulated using wind turbines?
  4. What are the ways to collect solar energy? Explain any one with schematic diagram?
  5. How dams are useful in generating hydropower?
  6. List out benefits as well as roadblocks in geothermal energy?
  7. What are the powers of State Pollution Control board?
  8. Give detail chronicles of Boiler blast tragedy of Dombivali.
  9. What are the approaches followed by Government to clean Ganga River and why?
  10. With chemical reaction explain Photochemical smog.
  11. With schematic diagram explain greenhouse effect.
  12. How greenhouse effect is beneficial and problematic to humans?
  13. With schematic diagram explain Venturi Scrubber.


  • Question bank may get revised a bit based on question paper setters.
  • Questions may be asked in another format by rephrasing each question in Qbank.