SE IT/ Sem 3/ DSA/ defaulter’s assignment

DSA defaulter’s assignment:

1. What is data structure? Why it’s importance in computing? What are its types?

2. What is Asymptotic notations? What are its types? Explain with example.

3. Compare and contrast recursion with iteration.

4. What is Euclid’s algorithm? Solve it using induction method.

5. Write an algorithm to implement stack using a linked list.

6. How a stack can be used to perform conversion of polish notations. Explain with algorithm and example of any one conversion.

7. Implement push and pop operation of stack.

8. With proper example of each explain Linear, Circular, priority, double ended queue.

9. With pseudo code explain working of double linked list.

10. What are application of stack, queue and linked list. Write at least significant 5 applications of each.

11. Write an algorithm to implement Quick sort, Merge sort, Insertion sort. Implement any one.

12. Compare and contrast all sorting techniques.

13. What is hashing in searching algorithms. What is collision? How it can be resolved, list all techniques? Explain any one with example.

14. With example of each list different types of trees in data structure.

15. Explain Threaded Binary Tree with suitable example.

16. What is sparse matrix? How it can be resolved in data structure?

17. What is Prim’s and Kruskal’s algorithm? With example show how it can be used to find minimum spanning tree in a graph.

18. Explain with example Dijkstra’s algorithm.

19. What are different graph traversal techniques?

20. What are applications of tree and graph? Write at least 5 of each.


2 thoughts on “SE IT/ Sem 3/ DSA/ defaulter’s assignment

  1. The amount of questions for the defaulters is a lot. Ppl missing the 75% mark by 5-10% are also burdened with 20 questions to be written that is tedious to do so. Please reduce the amount of questions, because this will only hinder the progress one can achieve at the Practical Exam as they are fast approaching. Please address the problem we face at hand.


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