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Ecommerce Textbook : Ecommerce by Schneider

Ecommerce by Schneider pdf (15.4 mb) click here to download ecom schneider


E-commerce Question bank

Chapter 1 Ecommerce and introduction to ecommerce

  1. Differentiate between electronic commerce and physical commerce. Chan2
  2. Explain different types of ecommerce (C2C, C2B, B2C, B2B, Social ecom, mobile ecom, local ecom) with real world examples. Chan6, laudon19
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of E-commerce? Chan14, schneider17
  4. What are the difference between ecommerce and ebusiness? Laudon10
  5. What is EDI/ Intranet use in ecommerce? Schneider229, dave209
  6. What are legal and ethical issues in ecommerce? Schneider299, laudon486

Chapter 2 overview of hardware and software technologies for ecommerce

  1. Case study of an ecommerce website (from requirement gathering to hosting with security and all).
  2. Explain different protocols related ecommerce technology?
  3. What is web services and SaaS wrt ecommerce? Dave201
  4. TCP/ IP layered model wrt ecommerce. Chan53
  5. HTTP protocol wrt ecommerce. Chan66
  6. How to maintain session/ cart/ user data in ecommerce website? Chan73,159
  7. Explain different internet technologies wrt ecommerce.
  8. Explain security requirement for ecommerce website.
  9. Use of firewalls in ecommerce website.

Chapter 3 payment systems for ecommerce

  1. What are characteristics of internet payment methods? What are payment methods (4C). Chan311
  2. How SET protocol works/ How credit card payment is made secure. Chan312
  3. How Ecash works? Chan323
  4. What is echeck and what are its types? Chan325
  5. Explain any micro payment method? Chan328
  6. Explain mondex/ smart card? Chan334
  7. How payment system works in ewallet/ mobile wallet?
  8. What are the security threats for ecommerce? Laudon256

Chapter 4 emarketing strategies (dave412, laudon324, schneider163)

  1. What are emarketing strategies? Schneider165
  2. What are the ways to advertise on web? Schneider181
  3. What is email marketing? Schneider189
  4. What are costs and benefits of online marketing? Laudon406
  5. Explain working of emarket? How transactions take place in emarket?
  6. Which are the different models for advertisements/ web revenue models? Schneider108
  7. How ecommerce promotes purchasing and support activities?
  8. What is online auction? Laudon709
  9. Distinguish between e-marketing, e-business and e-commerce. Dave450
  10. Online branding.

Chapter 5-6 E-business parag kulkarni (unable to find its online copy, if any one with hard copy, contact)

Chapter 7 e-business strategies (refer dave)

  1. What is and what are e-business strategies? Dave292
  2. Which are different strategy process models? dave297
  3. How to select e-business strategy? Dave 329
  4. What is SCM? What are its benefits and problems? Dave363
  5. What is logistics? Dave373
  6. Push and pull supply chain models?
  7. How SCM works in e-business?
  8. E-SCM
  9. E-procurement process with ex.
  10. What are types and actors in e-procurement?
  11. What are risk and impacts of e-procurement?
  12. CRM and its applications? Dave514
  13. E-CRM with its benefits.

Chapter 8 design and development of business website

  1. Case study to asking how to develop a ecommerce website